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Talespin front cover“Public Relations Disasters” is an A to Z of botched PR jobs from Seattle right across the globe to Sydney, Australia. It’s a book about PR agencies, PR counselors, PR firms, spin doctors, the clients who pay them and the media that scrutinises every move they make. It looks at inept PR practice and is full of incisive PR writing designed to educate and entertain.

Using real-life PR gaffes from the PR business, media, music, politics and sport, “Talespin” shows how the bullshit hits the fan and the PR goes pear-shaped.

While amusing yet shocking, its message is deadly serious: malpractice, misjudgement and the media agenda, combust to create PR disasters. 79 case studies, each with its own lesson learnt, show you how to avoid the catastrophic errors of judgement that create PR disasters.

Talespin: PR Disasters, Inside Stories and Lessons Learnt is published by Kogan Page.


“Quietly but quickly get hold of this book. Read it once and then slip it into your top drawer, briefcase or put it somewhere handy. Next time you plan PR, take it out and leaf through it. Gerry McCusker’s book might just save your career and rescue your organization or your clients from future embarrassment.” Bob Crawshaw, Maine Street

“For the younger communication executive, the book is a must” – Brand Strategy

“Absolutely fabulous” – The Glaswegian

“A fun, yes fun, book about PR disasters” – BrandChannel

“Sit back and let McCusker’s tales of woe and little grey commentary boxes teach you how to manage any bad day at PR central” – The Times (London)

“An excellent book for corporate business executives and students of communications” – Alan Capper, Adjunct Professor, New York University

“Gerry McCusker’s book offers some salutary lessons in how not to do it” – Glasgow Herald

“McCusker’s…book is more about substance than spin and reality than theory” – Brand Strategy

“A set of cautionary tales for the modern Public Relations practitioner that tells you how to do it right…” Easyjet Inflight Magazine

“A thoroughly good read for all students of public relations and indeed for every practitioner” – Professor Tim Traverse Healy, OBE, PR legend

“McCusker’s book is full of advice about how to turn an utter shambles into a learning experience” – Bristol Evening Post

‘Reading about (other peoples’) crises is, I must admit, a damn lot of fun’ – Trevor Cook, PR Blogger

“Details some of the world’s most infamous, and/or humorously absurd, public relations disasters and the resultant fallout from them draws lessons for public relations professionals.” – Journal of Economic Literature

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