PR disasters on Twitter (part 47734)

Australian athlete Stephanie Rice has copped some flak and lost a cushy sponsorship with Jaguar over her homophobic/faggot Twitter tweets. Ta Steve for the tip.

And the Washington Post has suspended an experienced sports scribe who disseminated a hoax via Twitter – just to see how fast a piece of false information could spread online. This great piece from The Big Lead dissects the whole snafu and give full backgrounders into the truth of what actually happened. Ta to my free online media monitoring for the tip.

Cash-for-influence PR disaster at Washington Post

You know how journalists (and all news organisations) are the good guys – cutting the BS, defending the truth – and PRs are all duplicitous schemers only driven by money and manipulation? Well, shock horror! here’s another case showing how some news organisations have no idea when it comes to PR, and no care for abuse of power: The Washington Post has been offering PR people the chance to buy (at up to $250,000) dinner-date access to political insiders, business leaders, Obama administration officials and Washington Post reporters. Sheeez! The things revenue shortfalls will force some papers to do huh??