Social Media adds mischief & fun to grabbing corporate attention

Thank God that Social Media is truly bringing the creativity back into the communications game! As a guitar strummer, country music appreciator and Online PR disaster watcher, I’ve been receiving reg updates from pals on the PR gaffe where United Airlines’ baggage handlers break a customers’ hallowed Martin guitar (I prefer Jap and Chinese acoustic axes myself, actually). But with commentators speculating that 4.2 mill YouTube plays has resulted in shareholders temporarily losing $180mill in share stock value and incalculable negative mainstream media publicity (Dave Carroll has done many TV news and press interviews) I’m struck by an intriguing theme that I spoke of while training Govt staff last week: Social Media can be FUN!!!
It offers the opportunity to add dynamism, flair and fresh expression into all levels of Communication exchanges – alarmingly, many orgs are scared of, or don;’t know how to make their communications, fun. Like many other disgruntled consumers before him, Dave
Carroll has made customer complaint an art form, elevated the profile of his skills and won many friends for doing so. Only a few companies will ever get a “feel” for this kind of natural expression, and therefore, may never tap into the whole Web2.0 zeitgeist. Agree or what?

Airline CEO dislodged by employee website

The resource-full Ross Monaghan has sent the following example of how staff power can be utilised online to accelerate the demise of a Senior Exec. Geoff Dixon et al; are you paying attention?

One major, glaring omission by the CEO was that the pilot collective managed to secure Glenn Tilton’s name as the site URL (I teach this as part of my blog 101 fundamentals). This is what the pilots’ site says about the name:

Why is this site named
This website was developed by the Air Line Pilots Association, United Airlines Master Executive Council. As professional pilots, we believe in accountability. Glenn Tilton, Chairman, CEO, and President of United Airlines, has failed all of us… costing shareholders, employees, and the travelling public billions of dollars. This website bears the name as a daily reminder to everyone invested in a positive future for United Airlines exactly where the source of our problems lies. This website is not owned, endorsed, or in any way sponsored by United Airlines or Glenn Tilton. For all of us, Glenn Tilton must go.

So CEOs…who owns your name in cyberspace?