Army PR disaster shows Facebook's downside as PR tool

Again and again I say that I’m not a fan of Facebook for organisations with contentious public profiles or business activities, and I’m equally leery when those organisations have staff who may not have developed sensitivity or discretion about how and what they may post on such a visible platform as Facebook. When this happens, it’s little wonder that social media becomes PR disaster fodder. So when an org like the Aussie Army tries to “get with it” re social media, it should surprise no-one that the content of that page should contain racist, sexist and prejudiced comments from soldiers who, let’s generalise, ain’t typically the world’s most sensitive or poetic souls. Memo to Army and other forces; think of the strategy and rationale of why you use any given platform; brainstorm the possible downsides; pick a platform that best suits purpose of the strategy; and pre-engagement, do extensive staff briefings about their responsibilities when using these social platforms. Next!