Social Media "Expert's" Retarded Rant PR Disaster

PR disaster news from The Age (hat tip Asher Moses):
“A Vodafone store employee who describes himself as the telco’s “social media expert” and “ambassador” has been deriding customers on Twitter and Facebook as “mentally retarded” and threatened them with a “pimp slap backhand”.

Yet another reason why social media engagement should probably best be conducted by staff with acute PR savvy. Social media is all about reputation far more than it is about mobile phone smarts. Smart phones don’t make for smart career moves

Channel 7 Sunrise; why kids love dumb YouTube videos

I was invited by Sunrise (Mel, Kochie et al) to offer my views as a “Social Media Expert” (is there really such a thing??) on why yoofs feel compelled to upload seemingly dangerous pranks and stunts to video sharing sites. I referenced University of California, Irvine researcher Mizuko Ito’s team who claim that the reasons include: lets them grapple with new social norms, develop technical skills and explore new modes of self-expression. The 2008 research also suggests youths use online networks to extend friendships and be seen as being “always (sic switched) on” for their pals and peers. In social media, Mizuko says, teens find opportunities to publicise and distribute their own ‘work’ and gain new forms of visibility and reputation. The studies also say that kids love digi-media as it allows for greater freedom than they’d normally get at school environments. I’d add too, that the kind of reputation kids seek via prank content, is one of dangerous, risk-taking badasses, surely?