Fiji government hires US PR guns to polish its global image

PR expert Gerry McCusker was interviewed by Radio Australia this am – exploring the Fiji Govt’s use of online PR and social media. McCusker told Radio Australia it makes perfect sense: “If an organisation posts regularly online through blogs and tweets and online press releases, and by feeding this material with the kinds of search terms that people are using online PR can influence what is said about any organisation, any corporate, any brand, any government, whether it is a democratic government or slightly less democratic one,” he said.

Qantas PR disaster; only short-term pain predicted

Speaking on ABC regional radio this morning, ‘PR disasters’ author Gerry McCusker made the following observations: Qantas and CEO Alan Joyce were addressing a business imperative, not a brand challenge. Via a skilful PR team, they had probably calculated that the recent PR turbulence wouldn’t outweigh the benefits of staff/operational efficiencies being pursued. McCusker mentioned the A to Z of agenda opportunists (Tony Abbott to Christopher Zinn of consumer group Choice) and a growing social media commentariat who were prolonging the PR pain for the airline, the Gillard government and the unions, too. Gerry concluded by questioning whether the entire concept of reputation was really worth what it once stood for. Indicating that the Qantas share price had gone up since Joyce redrew the battlelines, the PR analyst McCusker suggested that Qantas could win back consumers with marketing and PR initiatives, saying that goodwill now has a (sic) relatively cheap price.