iSnack2.0 'PR disaster' discussed in New York Times

I enjoyed a great chat with NYT correspondent Meraiah Foley a few weeks back – our topic was whether Kraft’s iSnack2.0 really was a PR disaster or not; my view (that it wasn’t) are well-recorded, and Meraiah reports: “Gerry McCusker, who has written a book on public relations disasters, believes Kraft’s experience with iSnack 2.0 will become a useful case study in using controversy to “cut through the clutter” of the marketing space. “Kraft has turned a fairly pedestrian product launch into a matter of public pride and public ownership and affinity for the Vegemite brand,” Mr. McCusker said. “That’s what today’s media thrives on: the conversations, the open expression of opinions, the love, the hate, the passion — and we’re talking about a jar of spread.”

For more about the topics Meraiah and I touched on, you can read the notes I pre-prepped for our chat: Continue reading