Rangers FC and AFL Kangaroos players create PR disasters

PR disaster, Barry ferguson

From different curves of the globe, this past week has seen two PR gaffes perpetrated by grown men with the minds of children and the emotional intelligence of blowflys. Over in Scotland, two Rangers FC players break national team curfew with a booze-binge; when censured they make ‘secret’ V-signs to show their rebellious displeasure. In Melbourne, a group of players (some senior) at the North Melbourne Kangaroos show their creative side (and character) with a mysoginistic video paralleling the romancing and trashing of a chicken carcass, with the modern dating scene. I’m sure all organisations concerned have good PR departments, so do these PR disasters show the futility of PR briefings, or suggest that even the best PR will in the world can be over-ruled by too much testosterone and not enough brains and empathy for organisational responsibility? To all concerned (Glasgow and Melbourne); way to go, guys!!