Journalist asks the hard questions of 2DayFM management

Sitting here in the cheap seats, I’ve quietly surmised that Austereo’s handling of the abortive hoax call prank has tended more to stonewalling and message repetition that it has to genuine engagement and undertakings of remedies. Timely then that a Fairfax journalist – Michael Lallo – lists the hard questions that still remain unanswered by Austereo management.

Yum Brands' manage PR disaster after KFC China web promotion

An online coupon promotion – offering up to 50% discounts – was abused by some wily Chinese web users. And when restaurants refused to honour non-genuine coupons, the natives were revolting; arguing with managers, throwing chairs, flipping tables and refusing to leave certain stores.

From a reputation management perspective, Yum has done the right thing. Like most corporates, they have rules of engagement over customer promotions and customer service issues but…the problem with this Internet/Social Media age is that many consumers and stakeholders have no codes of behaviour at all. This inequity needs to be addressed to set a fair playing field for companies and consumers alike.

CBA bank deftly uses Twitter for issues management

Switched-on business practice, or setter of dangerous precedent? This story explores how one Aussie bank (Commonwealth) spotted an exasperated customer complaint on Twitter then rectified the problem in under two hours. Though as a client said in Sydney yesterday – and I paraphrase – “…what about all the other poor buggers with customer service gripes who’ve been waiting weeks or months for resolution?”

PS: Consider this an unofficial Tweet from me: it’s pelting down on the Gold Coast and I’m being strongly discouraged from getting into the outdoor pool for a swim. Like you lot care!!


Gerry McCusker delivers keynote at crisis conference

Wednesday next week, I’m delighted to be giving the opening keynote address at an Issues and Crisis Summit in Sydney. I’ve also be invited as a panelist for a highly-interactive Q&A session. The focus of my keynote will be the new rules of reputation management and exploring the impact of Web2.0 and Social Media on issues and crisis management. Glen Frost has put together another sterling program, and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you up in Sydney.