Aussie Social Media expert McCusker confirmed for IABC World Event 09

Gerry McCusker been confirmed as an in-depth sessional speaker at this year’s IABC World Conference in San Francisco in June. The topic of his afternoon-long session is ‘Why are CEOs so scared of Social Media?’ where Gerry will outline the factors facing organisations trying to engage with Web2.0, including:         

Convincing the C-suite by ‘pitching them’ the value of Social Media and getting management ‘buy-in’        

Using pre-designed Social Media risk assessments to design appropriate, safe Web2.0 engagement  

Getting up to up to speed with Web2.0, without increasing personal and organisational workload    

Assuring senior management that any engagement risks can be scoped out and negated        

Demonstrating that better stakeholder engagement needn’t equate to total loss of control                        

Using Engage ORM case studies to demonstrate our expertise in Web2.0 campaign engagement