Does every family need a Social Media policy?

PR disaster reader David Jarwood alerts me to the case of the daughter defending her daddy a Director-level employee (of General Motors)¬† after he gets the sack…another illustrative case of how personal posts can create professional PR disasters – maybe every family needs a Social Media Engagement Policy?

Anyhooz, Sarah Henderson, daughter of sacked GM bigwig Fritz Henderson placed a message on¬†General Motors’ Facebook page describing Ed Whitacre, its new acting chief executive, as “a selfish piece of shit”. After generous use of the f-word, she promised to “never buy from this god forsaken company ever again” and signed off with the words: “f — all of you”. GM was quick to remove the posting, but not quick enough. It was spotted by the car industry blog, which copied the page, re-posting it on its own site. As The Australian newspaper points out: “…While the sites, blogs and discussion forums have provided companies with unprecedented access to their customers, they have opened up a myriad of opportunities for damage to a company’s reputation – as disgruntled customers are able to broadcast their frustration and anger to the world.”