Car hire PR disaster as emotional intelligence deserts NZRCS

A few kiwi bro’s of PR Disasters (ta Kelle & Joss) flag a heartless PR disaster as NZ car hire company – NZRCS – insists the parents of two men (Ashish and Akshay),killed in an ice collapse at Fox Glacier pay for transporting the rental car. (Note the car keys were buried with their dead son under tonnes of ice). As the parents struggle to come to terms with their loss, rental car company director Edwin Chan says it had to recoup about $800 for the car to be transported 418km from Fox Glacier to Christchurch, and hundreds of dollars for a new transponder key to electronically unlock the car. “It’s always unfortunate. We feel for them…right words, blah blah insincere corporate sentiment from Chan. Yet Edwin concludes they ‘should have had insurance’. Apart from EI and empathy, what Edwin is missing is PR nous that should’ve told him the real cost of $800 in terms of negative PR (for his chosen course of action) and positive PR (if he’d shown empathetic leadership and supported the doubtless distraught parents). Sometimes, Ed, it ain’t all about the money.