Social media spreads rugby star's 'dog sex' photo

Social media (especially Twitter) is being part-blamed for pumping up the latest PR disaster to beset Australian rugby. On ‘Mad Monday’ (typically a boozy end of season let-your-hair-down/out session for footballers) Canberra Raiders star Joel Monaghan was pictured in a sex act with a, doubtless shocked and humiliated, canine. As usual, defenders of the player say it was a one-off act, completely out of character, moment of madness etc etc etc. While some say Monaghan will get the sack, the pixellated doggy pictures suggest he may already have had it (sorry).

It’s further evidence of how the combination of flawed character, an inability to maturely manage alcohol intake and a porous social media environment can create major reputational issues for companies, celebrities and dumb animals.