Journalist jailed for creating World Cup security breach story

PRs are often castigated by journalists for trying to create stories that further their clients’ aims and ends. But at the World Cup, an English journalist is in jail after being accused of scheming to create a sensationalist news story. The police believe the motive was to put the World Cup security in a bad light and possibly to profit from it. The journo is said to have help Pavlos Joseph break through the security cordon, in order to angrily confront the England team after their poor on-field displays. A SA police spokesperson said the Sunday Mirror journalist – Simon Wright – booked Pavlos Joseph into a hotel under a false name, where he signed a contract for exclusive rights to all interviews after the incident. “We know that there was a seven day contract to speak to only that journalist,” the policeman said. Simon Wright has been charged with attempting to “defeat the ends of justice” and contravening immigration laws…bit of a PR disaster for the Sunday Mirror, this affair? (Ta to Scotsman newspaper for story lead).