Credible claims Channel 7 journo faked Delhi bomb story

(Australia’s) ABC programme Media Watch has exploded the claim that a journo was able to walk a bomb past Commonwealth Games security in India. If MW’s research is true, the errant reporter has created a PR disaster for investigative journalism, and given yet another reason as to why people trust ‘heritage’ media less, preferring to rely on peer or social media.

Drunk O'Keefe shamed by new mobile phone footage

That a TV game show host gets so inebriated he has to crawl along a popular nightspot street, probably isn’t much of a new story. But how does such Hasselhoffian behaviour square when that same person – Channel 7’s Andrew O’Keefe – is the ambassador and Chairman of a national women’s charity, The White Ribbon Foundation? Also, in a speedy PR dodge, Andy’s employers (Channel 7) allegedly paid a nightclub bouncer $25k NOT TO SELL the footage to a rival network (tho it’s believed there is more than one version of the footage). Wonder how Text 100 (White Ribbon Foundation’s PR reps Lukas or Karen) recommend a way thru this unseemly PR disaster?