Misleading tweet-vertising from Essendon Bombers

It’s easy to shoot off an unsubstantiated 140-character tweet. But with substantial allegations, findings, charges and penalties awaiting the Essendon AFL team, a hollow tweet looks a lot like false advertising. Geelong seem to be the indisputably greatest AFL club ever anyway, right?
Bomber-tweet (below) has surely been designed only to desperately boost the morale of the most blindly loyal club afficionados? They can’t protect its name now; just like Lance Armstrong or Scotland’s The Rangers, their name is now digital mud – and, like online reputation – it tends to stick on for a long time.

Tom Waterhouse and mum Gai to face their Waterloo?

That it could shock anyone that there could be skullduggery at the stables where the “sport” of horse-racing is built on the proceeds of gambling, still quite baffles me. As the public spat between horse owner Singo, horse trainer Gai and horsetrader Tom turns into a public relations disaster for the family and racing industry, today’s stewards enquiry is unlikely to address the core issue driving the furore. Good article from Tim Elliot explains the background. Hat tip to Foxsports for the montage image.

Are childrens books the new creative's 'novel'?

Whimsical thought for Friday …are kids books the new version of working on a novel ?

I only ask because I know of four colleagues from the creative/communications industries who are all independently professing to be working on concepts/illustrations/stories for kids books and entertainment enterprises. Whatever happened to ‘working on the [great but unfinished] novel or screenplay ? Having had such a beast – working title Nashville Tartan -occupying sock drawer space for too many years, it ain’t easy to get the time to finish it. And for it to qualify as a novel, you’re talking about generating circa 200 pages of peerless prose. Question then; is the kids book a shorthand creative cop out , or simply evidence of an as yet unexploited, unsaturated market gap ?

A ton o' work and two hours of Kitson respite

Big, hectic week; new client strategy session; web content deadlines; internal brand reinvigoration launch – lots of food grabbed on the run (except for Wed lunch’s new biz celebration with Oyster Design chief Steve Cumming – nice red Steve!). Thank God for Daniel Kitson at the Melbourne Comedy Festival; bleedin’ brilliant! Part comedy, part philosophy lecture from a slob professor and part emotional mining exercise, Daniel candidly reveals his own character, saying more about each and every one of us in the process (except the bit about dropping number 2’s in doorways maybe!!). Kitson’s is a must see show if you’re looking for some comedyfest laughs.