No long-term PR damage after NZ TV host's childish, racist comments

Over in New Zealand: first it was a TV show host’s immature jibes (think 14yr old schoolyard humour) about the name of one Delhi ministerial official, Sheila Dikshik. Then, the same host criticised that the country’s Governor General, Sir Anand Satyanand, didn’t even sound like a ‘proper’ New Zealander (Sir Anand is a kiwi born and bred). Despite the insensitive, opinionated blurtings of the star TV host Paul Henry, Kiwi PR experts believe this has done nothing to diminish Henry’s attractiveness as a media property. Sad, innit?

Gillard, Arbib and the empty chair PR disaster

Apparently, Aussie PM Julia Gillard banned a senior Labour honcho – Mark Arbib – from appearing on the country’s most credible political panel discussion (Q&A) last night. Mischievously, the producers left Arbib’s seat empty thereby creating a risible talking point throughout the show. Having agreed to appear, then pulling the appearance, this looks like another major PR mis-step from the faltering Labour Party.

Veteran journo undone by Rabbi's flipcam interview

An informal media interview of doyen Whitehouse Correspondent Helen Thomas, and shot by a part-time film-maker and journalist Rabbi David Nesenoff, has led to Thomas’ resignation, and widespread condemnation of the tough scribe. Helen Thomas suggested that ‘Jews should get the hell out of Palestine’. With the video clip uploaded to Nesenoff’s site ‘rabbilive’ and YouTube, we see how digital and social media can prove hugely perilous to reputations; even that of a seasoned media expert like Thomas.

Social Media – like Taming The Tiger?

Gerry McCusker will deliver a Plenary and Workshop at PRINZ 2010

Three weeks time, Gerry McCusker will be delivering a Plenary Session on “Crisis Management & Social Media” at the PRINZ (Public Relations Institute of New Zealand) conference at Auckland’s Heritage hotel (27-28 May). And just to prove that Social Media can be as much about creativity as it can about crisis, Gerry will be hosting a workshop on creating engaging Web2.0 content, drawing on Soc Med campaigns he’s developed for the dairy, financial and sports sectors.

PR gaffe as football chief labels coach a "control freak"

Frank Costa – Chief Exec of AFL football club Geelong – has been moved to make a PR apology after ‘private’ comments he made at a breakfast seminar were heard and reported in the media by a journalist. The comments are now turning into a mini-PR disaster for him and the club he represents. This illustrates a new reality of reputation management…there’s no such thing as a ‘private comment’. Whether you know that an official reporter is there or not, there’s always likely to be a journalist (old media or social media) at any business or social function you’ll even attend. So be careful what you say, as it’s always likely to make its way into our newly integrated media.

Tiger Woods; don't do a Gary Coleman on your PR comeback

In a carefully orchestrated and palpably controlled way, Tiger Woods is facing a selection of hand-picked media journalists to explain the emotional car-crash that constitutes his life. It’s unlikely to feel real. Unlike mini, ex-child star Gary Coleman’s foul-mouthed rant to a journo who baited and provoked him to sensational effect. Not that you’re listening to me Tiger, but please don’t repeat Gary’s PR disaster.

Tamil PR's criminal past undermines refugee credibility

It’s a rookie PR mistake; your spokesperson is shown to be a person of questionable character. So it is with “Alex” the well-spoken and impassioned spokesperson for the unfortunate Tamil refugees in Indonesian purgatory – he’s fessed up to being a member of a violent gang in Canada and to allegedly having made death threats which landed him a spell in jail. Having someone with a personal credibility issue can undermine the authenticity and believability of the entire group he purports to represent


PR disaster for journalism, as YesMen hijack Chamber of Commerce brand

(From HuffPost) Reputation hijackers, The Yes Men, have taken credit for a prank in which they posed as Chamber of Commerce officials pushing for comprehensive climate change legislation.  Pretending to be the business lobby, the YesMen hosted a fake news conference at the National Press Club (hoodwinked or what!!) announcing a “dramatic” shift in its position on climate change. After a fake press release and media event note was sent out, Reuters, Fox and CNBC were all, it seems, initially duped by the fake PR stunt.

Melbourne's Social Media Masterclass: Sept 4

We’re only 2 weeks away from Jen Frahm’s SocMed Masterclass at Federation Sq on 4th September. As I’m an invited panelist, I’m really looking forward to meeting rule-breaking marketer David Meerman Scott, whose ‘New Rules Of PR’ book tangibly influenced some of the ways I practice digital PR today! And for attendees, David promises to SHOW what to do, rather than just vaguely TELL you – I’m all for practical learning! Sessions include: using new-style PR releases, podcasts and viral content to reach consumers; revamping your PR and marketing activities; triggering mass audiences to share your ideas; and getting better understanding of buyer personas (whatever the hell that is, Dave??)