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‘PR Disasters’ helps you avoid killing your PR career or crippling your corporate reputation by showing PR counselors and non-PR’s alike, how not to turn a PR job into a PR nightmare.

This PR counsel blogsite tracks the real PR cock-ups; the gaffes and howlers made by spin doctors, PR firms and the client organizations they represent. You’ll also find news, views and trends from the online PR business, offering a perspective on PR (mal)practice that, hopefully, helps you in your work.

Who is Gerry McCusker ?

Gerry McCuskerWith a 20-plus year PR career that includes stints as an advertising copywriter and senior creative, Gerry is a senior creative and PR counsel. As a PR analyst and author, he has delivered conference keynotes and education sessions in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand, including:

  • Asia Business Forum, Singapore 2002, IPRA Dubai 2004
  • PRIA National, Melbourne 2000, PRIA National, Canberra 2004
  • PRIA, National, Brisbane 2005, PRIA Webinar 2006
  • 1st PR Conference – Kuwait 2006
  • PRIANSW, American Club – Sydney 2007
  • PRINZ National Conference – Auckland 2007
  • Edelman Seminar – Foreign Correspondents Club – Hong Kong 2007
  • IABC, Melbourne, 2007
  • PRIA, Melbourne, 2007

Other stuff about this PR Analyst and Reputation Revitalist
Gerry McCusker is a PR/communications strategist and counselor, and the author of provocative pop-business text ‘Public Relations Disasters’ (Kogan Page 2005, reprinted 2006), which documents and explores the global phenomenon of reputation management. As shown in ‘Public Relations Disasters’, Gerry brings a zestful and insightful perspective to his analysis of PR communications and Online Reputation Management.

Having had PR jobs and advertising agency positions in the UK and Australia, he has over 20 years’ experience of helping companies from diverse industry sectors – notably automotive, finance, hospitality, sports and telecomms – to get their message through to their audiences. He has lectured at Glasgow Caledonian University and published his thesis in audio brand identity at the University of Stirling. Gerry’s theoretical studies plus his practical approach to running reputation management workshops – which includes B2B and B2C PR campaigns, issues management and online PR and marcomms – means his understanding of the modern media landscape is truly holistic.

An editorial contributor to marketing industry publications and online ‘blogs (including The Age newspaper), Gerry has also presented seminars on PR, Branding and Cause Related Marketing at business and marketing conferences in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia. His media appearances include ABC Radio National, BBC Radio Four, BBC Radio Five Live, Radio Scotland and Australian youth station, Triple J. Gerry also appears in the forthcoming Canadian documentary ‘Jump’ (2007), which analyses the growth of Guerilla Marketing, and has recently joined the business blog team at Fairfax broadsheet, The Age.

Gerry can be contacted at;

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