The goose that hiccups

Picture the scene; a burly, inebriated, heavily tattooed late 20’s male (with some behavioural “previous”)  towers over a woman in an upscale Japanese restaurant threatening to stab her with chopsticks and kill her. He seemingly slaps his hand into the wall next to her head while berating and intimidating her.

As a PR you’re asked what to do to handle it…

a) Say it’s “a hiccup…”

b) Describe it as a the actions of “a goose…” (at a ‘Women in Leadership’ summit)

c) Confect a series of lame excuses that have to be redrafted after public condemnation by a real footy legend, who demands that the young male is properly brought to book?

And this from a  club with the AFL’s first female president Peggy O’Neal. Which crisis management manual are the Tigers working from??

2 thoughts on “The goose that hiccups

  1. A mere honourable mention amongst your heavyweight nominees, but in the past few days Supply Warehouse in Melbourne has slipped up a tad. Espousing a money back guarantee, one customer went to return an item and was royally abused by staff. The customer was so offended that she dared write a poor review on the store’s facebook page, prompting the managing director to threaten legal action. As punishment, the store’s family and friends proceeded to unleash 70-odd replies to the poor review, with repeated notable efforts calling the customer a whore and urging her to kill herself. The backlash over at the Ozbargain shopping and forum website was briefly spectacular, before moderators closed the discussion down and permanently banned Supply Warehouse reps from posting further deals at the site. While the bulk of vile comments have since been deleted by the Goldberg family that runs the business, their facebook page is renowned for five-star sockpuppet reviews from employees, managers and even the managing director himself. They regularly purge such reviews whenever there’s any scrutiny.

    PS: Would have thought the Victorian ‘tell us your taxi story’ fiasco would have been a walk-on top 3 contender…


    • Thanks Warren; always appreciate a late entry! While the #tellusyourtaxistory was a reputational disaster from a marketing view, our data didnt see it rack up the kinda stats to make it a bronzer. Ta for the contrib G


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