McIntyre’s PR disaster tweets played the man, more than the ball

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As an avid football fan, I’ve sampled ex-SBS reporter Scott McIntyre’s contributions and musings on the world game; he struck me as a decent researcher and succinct communicator.
In respect to his recent controversial, non-football microbloggings, his PR, career and reputational issues bled out of two of them in particular.
In both cases McIntyre did what he would surely recognise as a football no-no; he played the man not the ball:

In his broad-brush labeling of “poorly-read, largely white, nationalist drinkers and gamblers” he expresses a derisory superiority towards his fellow Aussies (who he can only surmise he knows). When tweeting on the “summary execution, widespread rape and theft committed by these ‘brave’ Anzacs…”, McIntyre again insults the character of an entire armed force (as most have since passed, he couldn’t possibly have known many/any of them). Further, as any football pundit knows, the key to effective tackling is timing. And Scott’s timing was way off the mark.
His analysis and contribution to football – domestic, regional and international – may be missed. Yet I remain perplexed as to what propels any media-savvy commentator or player to publish when they’re in HATE mode (Hungry, Angry, Tired or Emotional)! Maybe McIntyre can “do a Moyesy”, and quietly repair his repute in a far away place.

PS: I must question the sound-bite assertion of SBS managing director Michael Ebeid when quoted saying: “It’s not tenable to remain on air if your audience doesn’t respect or trust you,”. Within wider ‘footy’ reporting, Michael must be aware of pundits and personalities who have matched (behaviourally) McIntyre’s ill-advised micro-rants yet remain both revered and rewarded? (PS h/t for the loan of graphic).

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