PR Disasters Awards contenders

Seems like a list of some the usual suspects – celebs, footballers, politicians – lining up to take the 2014 PR disasters awards this year past. Some of the contenders include: NRL’s Paul Gallen (c-tweet), PM Tony Abbott (wink wink), James ‘Punchy’ Packer, Malaysia Airlines, and even a late overseas entry from a Mr William Cosby

Your nominations before we start crunching the data, please…

3 thoughts on “PR Disasters Awards contenders

  1. Has to be said, while we have many usual suspects, some of the entrants have put in an outstanding effort. The Packer Punch-on has to be up there; but I think the PM might take it with the wink, the shirtfront, the promises and playing the same gender card he has objected to in the past. That last addition might just have him favourite with the bookies…


  2. I’d like to nominate Domino’s Pizza for its major gaffe on national TV. The host of SBS’s What’s the Catch program tried in vain to contact Domino’s PR director. He was seeking an opportunity to discuss whether the company would switch to using environmentally sustainable prawns on its pizzas. None of his calls were returned. He then paid a visit to the company HQ and confronted the PR director in person. While on camera she denied ever receiving his calls. To make matters worse Domino’s failed to follow up with the program host and allowed SBS to put this PR disaster to air.


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