Political PR disasters with young candidates interview gaffes

The Aussie political race is sometimes a one-legged one; especially when candidates shoot themselves in the foot by agreeing to TV interviews, yet not knowing at all how to handle even gentle journalistic probing. Today, media performance skills are more telling than political proficiency.
As electioneering begins, we have a couple of pearler PR disasters which display manifold perils; like knowing how to give an interview, bragging on your 6-point plan (but not knowing what the points are), knowing that Islam isn’t actually a country, knowing who your competitors are, knowing that it’s better to stay out of the media limelight, until you’ve done your A,B,Cs in media training. And while older politicians rush to defend these young goats with kind kid gloves, the fact remains that politics is a career that depends on the ability to understand and assimilate complex issues, having a strong position pertaining to key facts, staying on message and knowing how to deliver the sound bites the public will remember you by. Not the PR disaster interviews that become your e-legacy. It’s not easy, but it is a mandatory for those seeking a ridicule-free political career.

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