History repeats in Nike's 'Black and Tan' PR disaster

It’s brand-checking 101; Google a name to see if there’s any unfortunate or unsavoury associations. But Googling names seems to have been beyond Nike’s Advertising or PR teams; now in PR trouble (as Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream had similarly done only 4 years back) for naming a sports shoe, the Black and Tan! For those who don’t know Britain’s stained history of interference in Ireland, an expert book on the Black and Tans says:
“They could arrest and imprison anyone at any time. They murdered civilians. They wore a strange mixture of dark green tunics, khaki rousers, black belts and odd headgear, including civilian felt hats…Although they were only a small proportion of British forces in Ireland, they were the toughest, the wildest and the most feared. They knew nothing and they cared nothing about Ireland. They were sent there in March 1920 by Lloyd George’s coalition cabinet to make Ireland ‘a hell for rebels to live in’.”

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