Publicist creates $37m PR disaster for retailer David Jones

A former publicist at Australian retail chain David Jones, has read out a well-composed statement in front of a packed media scrum, where she announced she was seeking substantial punitive damages over sexual harassment claims against Jones’ former CEO, Mark McInnes (below).

4 thoughts on “Publicist creates $37m PR disaster for retailer David Jones

  1. Surely she can’t be serious – $37 million? being a publicist she knows how to play the media – do you think she is taking advantage of her position with knowing the way PR works?


  2. Hi Robbie; horrible harassment situation for her. But I hope she can recover from this and progress her PR career; her media performance and stance should enhance her PR credentials.


  3. Oh of course – I agree horrible situation –

    So do you think, that coming out like this will enhance her PR career, as in someone would have seen her performance and said – ‘she looks controlled and calm in a crowd, ill hire her’ ??


  4. Dont think it’s as direct as that Rob. But when it comes to bad PR how about the related comments by wacky fashion retailer Alannah Hill – along the lines of “I’ve been throwing myself at Mark McInnes for years, I wish I had been the one he ‘touched up’.
    Now, she’s having a retail “sorry” sale to cover up for this lame gaffe.


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