ExxonMobil slick sponsorship of Aussie journalism's Walkley Awards

Anyone else have a “WTF!” moment with news of Australian journalism’s latest and largest sponsorship? The semi-revered Walkley Foundation aims to support and encourage professional and ethical journalism and promote and reward excellence in the Australian media. So who is its new major sponsor? Why, none other than alleged grimy greenwashers ExxonMobil!!

Maybe no surprise really, given the Walkley’s origins. Who was Walkley you might ask; some investigative journalism expert? Some fearless editor? Or bold publisher? Erm, he was Sir William Gaston Walkley, founder of Ampol Petroleum who much appreciated the media’s support for his oil exploration efforts. No doubt ExxonMobil will be hoping to express some media appreciation given ExxonMobil’s dubious record when it comes to supporting professional and ethical journalism.

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