Sarah Ferguson – the queen of PR disasters?

Yet another embarrassing PR gaffe for ex-Royal Sarah Ferguson – the last in a long line of “judgement lapses” that include a topless toe-sucking from a suitor, $4million personal spending debt, a stint as a Royal weightloss ambassador and now this: “The News of the World video showed Sarah Ferguson promising to introduce an undercover reporter posing as a wealthy businessman to the Prince, who has been the UK’s special representative for international trade and investment since 2001.”

Over years, it appears that Sarah Ferguson has what might been described as a flawed character. She has now apologised for this latest indiscretion.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Ferguson – the queen of PR disasters?

  1. Once upon a brief time, a long time ago, Sarah became a princess-and then she was not. She needs to learn to live within her means, just like the rest of us, instead of thinking that she is still a part of those that live off others money. The royal family is no different than those on the dole. She needs to live quietly, in the country, and forget the role of media slut.


  2. I think it’s interesting to classify this as a PR Disaster when it is so much more. Sure she has tarnished her image but the reality is that she has (again) displayed a fundamentally flawed character and no amount of ‘spin’ can repair that. It wasn’t her PR that was wrong, it was her trustworthiness.
    PR can do a lot of things but it cannot totally transform a dodgy character or an unethical business for any more than a short time.


  3. Thanks guys. Nigel – I don’t see PR as “spin”. And I also mention your point on flawed character and agree. But on the point of not transforming a dodgy character, hmmmm…not so sure esp in Govt, Politics and high level corporate. PR can inform on behaviour that helps transform – as to whether the dodgies take the advice is another story eh?
    And Bill – love the Cromwell jibe – are you in Auckland for the upcoming PRINZ conf?


  4. This is an ideal example of a PR disaster. Most of the times, it is the person involved in typical PR situations responsible for a PR disaster.
    In this case, Sarah Ferguson herself is responsible for tarnishing her image.


  5. Perhaps the royals needed your help here Gerry.They needed a comms strategist who identified risks to the for the ‘HRH brand’ and advised them to take a long term PR perspective. This lass was a PR-liability-in-the-making and they should’ve quietly paid her debt and parked her in the US somewhere on a short leash with a retainer – all on the proviso she was on a ‘good behavior bond’ for the rest of her life.It works in the corporate world…a la gardening leave.Why not here?


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