Social Media – like Taming The Tiger?

Gerry McCusker will deliver a Plenary and Workshop at PRINZ 2010

Three weeks time, Gerry McCusker will be delivering a Plenary Session on “Crisis Management & Social Media” at the PRINZ (Public Relations Institute of New Zealand) conference at Auckland’s Heritage hotel (27-28 May). And just to prove that Social Media can be as much about creativity as it can about crisis, Gerry will be hosting a workshop on creating engaging Web2.0 content, drawing on Soc Med campaigns he’s developed for the dairy, financial and sports sectors.

2 thoughts on “Social Media – like Taming The Tiger?

  1. …and very entertaining it was, too, you punk rocker of the digital age, you.

    Not just entertaining – but insightful and inspirational. So a good mix then. Thanks, Gerry.


  2. Ta much Peter – glad the session was of value; a good mix of conference sessions methinks. Ta much for the kind feedback. G


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