Foreign Office memo creates PR disaster and diplomatic stoush

A memo ridiculing PR plans for a UK Papal visit and the Catholic Church – thought to be authored by a cynical 20-something Oxbridge graduate – has created an embarrassing PR disaster for Britain. The PR-friendly ideas ‘brainstormed’ include getting the Pope to open an abortion clinic, launch a range of ‘Benedict’ condoms, apologise for the Spanish Armada and bless a gay marriage. MP Jim Murphy has apologised to the Pope for the ‘vile’ memo and the staffer has been ‘moved to other duties’…isn’t this a sackable offence?

How do we, as PR experts, make our stakeholders understand that everything they write, say and do, can easily, easily become a matter of public release, comment and debate? There’s an old adage..”if you can’t be good, be careful”

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