First proper PR disaster of 2010?

Another ex-journalist-turned-PR is at the centre of a whale fishing/spy scandal PR disaster in Australia, proving that a decent hack doth not a good flack make! IMHO, it’s often professionally flexible ex-journos who give PR practitioners a bad name.

Despite allegations that the New Zealand PR lied to the air charter companies when booking charter flights for his pro-whaling Japanese clients, this high-flying “PR” has remained non-contactable since the story broke.

Thanks to Mr Lexus for the nod. Readallabahtit!

One thought on “First proper PR disaster of 2010?

  1. I’m wondering whether KFC Australia will be no. 2. They have released a series of ads, some of which feature:
    a) A white man controlling a noisy crowd of dark skinned West Indians by feeding them fried chicken
    b) A man fraudulently pretending to be a “police” officer and stealing tickets that were being scalped
    c) A man responding to the injury of his friend by stealing his food and eating it while ignoring both the injured friend and his girlfriend
    The values behind this ad campaign are questionable to put it mildly. And what story about KFC do these ads tell – that KFC really don’t care about people’s values or society’s views? You must get fried chicken at all costs? Why not steal it straight from KFC then?

    Their first problem has now come up. One ad has gone up on YouTube and been labelled as racist (guess which one!). KFC say the the ad was never intended for US audiences and was posted illegally. Wow, imagine in 2010 something appearing on YouTube when you didn’t want it to!

    As for a global giant claiming that they didn’t know that we have a global community now, anybody else out there having a swallowing problem? By the way, Not american but still find the ad obviously offensive and racist.

    So is this incompetence or deliberate strategy to create controversy? It is hard to imagine that so many steps down this path can be taken without proper issues analysis.

    I’m sure that the ad agencies measurements will show fantastic ad recall and impact. But with that budget and almost continuous play throughout the summer, even the pathetic Commonwealth Bank ads are memorable – They won’t make you bank with the Commonwealth but you will remember them!

    I’m pretty sure we will never see any research and evaluation of the long term impact of this campaign.

    But I think the whaling ex-journo still has them covered!!

    Happy New Year Gerry and all of your fans. Cheers


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