Eurostar PR disaster fails Web2.0 communication test

Alastair Mackenzie (and TechCrunch) tip me the wink on Eurostar’s unfolding PR stramash; tho they could’ve kept many passengers updated via Twitter, for eg, they only really use Twitter as an outbound marketing tool as prescribed by their Social Media “experts”, seemingly. Even Eurostar’s French PR ‘femme’ got stuck ona  train and was fuming about the situ.

For my ‘deux cents’, companies and governments have to show customers/clients much more respect. I mean, when are organisations going to realise that effective Social Media engagement isn’t an option? It’s a key part of your reputation management abilities and customer service plans. Social Media isnt just a “nice-to-do-if-we-can-get-an-intern-to-handle-it” plaything. It’s no longer marginal. Neither is it a just a new marketing channel. A word to corporates and governments – you’re losing control of the media. And you might never get it back in the same way. It’s time to equip your communications with the full range of communication conduits available to all your stakeholders. And stategically plan how to deploy them when the merde frappes le fan, mes amies.

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