iSnack 2.0 registered before competition closed

The SMH’s Julian Lee today sees mischief in the fact that the iSnack 2.0 name was registered b4 the comp closed…talking to Julian, I suggested that maybe this was precautionary because the name was so good! I’m also reported as saying: ”If they’ve done something untoward and have registered before it’s [the competition] allowed to run its course then their true motivations have been revealed and they’ll have to come clean, apologise and look for ways to take remedial steps”. Where I’m reported to have said ‘registered’, I’m sure the point I actually made to Julian was ‘registered and decided‘ – important distinction methinks. From a Web2.0 perspective, as Julian and I discussed, with an “army of fact-checkers” sniffing around, it’s an interesting evolution of the story.

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