Guerilla marketing and PR disasters; the movie

This coming Monday (17 Aug) I appear in a TV documentary about sports streaking and guerilla marketing screening on SBS. Along with Dennis Rodman and porn-star Britteny Sky, I was interviewed in LA about the pros and cons of sports streaking as a low-cost, high impact marketing device. I think PR and marketers around Australia might find it an interesting watch; it follows a Spanish streaker who wants to use the tactic to become a ‘star’; it interviews the worlds most infamous streakers and the companies that sponsor the stunts to explore the pros and pitfalls. Pitfalls is where I come in; I’m the straight-up Rep Manager who counsels caution around guerilla ‘stunts’. Tune in for interesting viewing.
15 August 2009
A new documentary film that explores the phenomenon of ‘streaking’ and its role as a fame-maker, guerrilla marketing tool and reputation-shaping tactic debuts on Australian screens on SBS on Monday 17th August. “Jump! The World’s Greatest Streakers”, follows Jaume Marquet’s journey from Barcelona to Madrid where he will attempt to streak at the largest football match in Spain – “El Classico” – live in front of 80,000 spectators and 100 million people watching worldwide.  Having made headlines and blooper reels all over the world, Jaume simply wants to be the world’s most famous streaker.The documentary was three years in the making for Canadian filmmakers Dan Emery, Mathieu Wacowich and Jon Deitcher. 
Jaume Marquet is an eccentric outsider striving to become famous by streaking in front of the cameras at major televised sporting events under his alter ego “Jimmy Jump”. But if Jimmy wants to be the best, he has to compete with a clutch of competitors from the eccentric world of professional sports streaking who are also interviewed in the film:
Mark Roberts, who after 15 years in the game has streaked more international events than anyone in history – including the NFL Super Bowl.
Ron Bensimhon garnered international media attention for his dive into the pool wearing nothing but a ballet tutu at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

The movie meets the lawyers that represent them, the security teams that try to stop them, the famous celebrities that have streaked the media for publicity, the renegade marketing companies that sponsor them, and the public relations specialists that deal with the fallouts when publicity stunts become public relations disasters.

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