Unemployed PRs to support exhausted Bushfire Comms teams?

At an IABC function yesterday, a prominent PR recruiter spoke candidly of a glut of good PR candidates being on the Oz Comms market and how orgs are tending to look for multi-skilled PR generalists this weather. I’ve had a thought…maybe it’s a query to throw out there; can ‘between positions’ Aussie practitioners/the PR industry/recruiters support fatigued Bushfire Communications Teams who are working around the clock?? Aside from cash, I’ve been feeling pretty powerless to support the emergency efforts. I know Bob Crawshaw did something like this for Canberra’s bushfires; how can we make it a goer for tired PRs in fire-ravaged Vic?

4 thoughts on “Unemployed PRs to support exhausted Bushfire Comms teams?

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  2. UPDATE: In a somewhat happy coincidence, PRIA said it had taken on exactly this spirit of help and co-operation; it seemingly emailed its members on Thurs night suggesting they support VIC PRIA members who want to support the recovery services. Another big PR recruiter – Market U – also took up the cudgels contacting frontline clients directly to offer manpower support. Well done all!


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