Rolex PR kudos creates PR disaster

In My Atmosphere blogger Age Conte kindly forwards the following retch-fest from a Rolex retailer (ta Tim B) the PR people at Rolex. Basically, they say that having a Rolex watch helped star Owen Wilson recover from his bout of suicidalism. I’m all for creative licence in PR guys, but their’s (Rolex’s) this retailer’s should be revoked for this chunderous PR boast. Read it and gag!

2 thoughts on “Rolex PR kudos creates PR disaster

  1. In fairness, the release doesn’t actually come from Rolex, but from the owner of a store chain that sells Rolex watches.

    Still massively tacky though – and embarrasing for Rolex because their name is being attached to it.




  2. Am all for fairness Tim; two interesting points your point raises…a) brand control is increasingly fragmented and b) the approval process for media release materials seems slack if not non-existent. Happy New Year mate!


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