Talking social media PR disasters with radio 2UE

 I was interviewed by radio station 2UE’s Bill Woods and Deb Knight on their Sunday weekend show. We discussed the potential threats of social networking sites. Identity theft, career and employment impact plus permanent personal reputation damage were a few of the themes looked at. I asserted that the term ‘social media’ was somewhat of a misnomer, as it skated over how these tools can be effectively used for business and commercial purposes. I reminded Bill and Deb how online commentary or uploads can stick to you like a permanent e-tattoo. We touched on how privacy setting can be quite easily compromised and how there’s a real appetite for gossip and hearsay online. We mentioned the superficiality of some online ‘relationships’ or connections, and how you need to be cautious about who you trust in this area. Fairly surface content touched on, much like many social media sites themselves.

2 thoughts on “Talking social media PR disasters with radio 2UE

  1. Unfortunately I missed the interview but this is a really interesting concept and something I think we won’t really see the effects of for a few years. Many people are being swept up in the abundance of avenues available to them to ‘express themselves’ but the digital paper trail – or etattoo as you put it – is a potentially dangerous thing.

    John Stauffer wrote a great example of this in his blog regarding ‘Presidential Profiles’ ( which inspired me in my own thoughts ( No doubt an issue that will crop up again.


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