Drunk O'Keefe shamed by new mobile phone footage


That a TV game show host gets so inebriated he has to crawl along a popular nightspot street, probably isn’t much of a new story. But how does such Hasselhoffian behaviour square when that same person – Channel 7’s Andrew O’Keefe – is the ambassador and Chairman of a national women’s charity, The White Ribbon Foundation? Also, in a speedy PR dodge, Andy’s employers (Channel 7) allegedly paid a nightclub bouncer $25k NOT TO SELL the footage to a rival network (tho it’s believed there is more than one version of the footage). Wonder how Text 100 (White Ribbon Foundation’s PR reps Lukas or Karen) recommend a way thru this unseemly PR disaster? 

4 thoughts on “Drunk O'Keefe shamed by new mobile phone footage

  1. Hi there Gerry,

    Thanks for flagging this. It looks like the comments on the online articles reflect what you said about it not being much of a news story.

    From a Text 100 perspective, we represent White Ribbon on a pro-bono basis, so we don’t actually manage Andrew as a ‘personality’ per se so we would defer to Channel 7 in this instance.

    Karen and I both have a deep respect for Andrew and the amount of personal, unpaid time that he commits to his role with White Ribbon and we believe he is an exceptional figure-head for our campaign to eliminate violence against women.

    As this story is outside our remit for White Ribbon and many elements of this story remain unsubstantiated we really cannot make further comments.



  2. Ta 4 response Lukas; you/Text obviously don’t regard an exec being blind (not tipsy) in public – complete with inter media politicking and paychecking – an issue for a national charity. I hear you re Andrew’s prior good work, but despite your support ‘n’ sidestep, surely you can see how this case and surfacing rumours can’t provide positive associations for an august body like White Ribbon?


  3. Trying to stir up trouble a little bit with that, aren’t you Gerry? Doubt many people would even think of the association in this context, let alone lower their thinking of White Ribbon (or any other org which O’Keefe associates with, I’m sure there are many).

    Would imagine that White Ribbon would just keep its head down on this and not do any promotions with O’Keefe for a few months, not so much because of tarnishing their reputation but because the broohaha would obscure any message they tried to get out.


  4. Me? Troublemaker, Raf? Surely some mistake?
    Seriously tho, in issues mgmt, you have to consider the impact of (neg) association and the poss of future ‘outbreaks’. Whispers say there may be more to come from this ‘source’. Agree that ‘heads down’ prob works best for now…but, for me, a new organisational ambassador (poss at end of Andrew’s current tenure) must at least be given consideration. Merry Xmas.


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