Sachsgate PR disaster timeline reveals PR blunders

Several interesting revelations from an issues management perspective:

1) Concerns expressed in an email sent by Sachs representatives to BBC Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas, weren’t attended to for two-and-a-half days.  2) More, a BBC PR seemed reluctant to co-operate with press enquiries. 3) While Radio 2 controller Douglas wanted to respond quickly, the BBC corporate press office insisted it should be dealt with through the formal complaints procedure (allowing the furore to percolate and gather momentum).


One thought on “Sachsgate PR disaster timeline reveals PR blunders

  1. I feel that Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand’s actions were inappropriate. However I do feel that the BBC has more to answer for as the show was pre-recorded. Russell Brand celebrity status peaked as Georgina Baillie gained celebrity status.
    It is said that Russell Brand resigned because he had no choice. What I do not understand is why Ross was not asked to step down. I found Ross’s remarks to be more offensive.


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