Omnisio; a culture jammer's and PR's dream

Now a fair dinkum Aussie, I love the concept of ‘keeping the bastards honest’. Three of my fellow Aussies’ – Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner – Omnisio service, lets users annotate online videos, mash-up vision and synchronise Slideshare presentations to many clips they find on the web. Extending the interactive publishing modes via which stakeholders can interact with comms campaigns, should strike fear into the hearts of Ad, PR and marketing bullshit merchants. It’ll also warm the heart cockles of culture jammers and truth-seekers everywhere.

Phoney-baloney ad or marketing campaigns can be quickly captioned, challenged, corrected or critiqued ensuring that hollow brand boasts are debunked or soured. PR speeches or statements can quickly have the spin in them revealed and unspun. And from a pro-PR viewpoint, PRs can use incorrect competitor or news report footage to assert, correct, clarify and bring more balance or accuracy to public awareness and debates. Omnisio takes what Viddler started to a new, more interactive level. Some commentators are already suggesting that it’s another phase in an online TV revolution, where you can more easily create your own, discreet news programs using ‘their’ footage and adding your commentary. Any bets on which Ad or PR agency will be the first to get a caning if and when Google – Omnisio’s new owners – integrate this full functionality?

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