Online monitoring key to avoiding Facebook PR disasters

Employees undermining the corporate brands (via Facebook) of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic; that’s the subject of the above article from The Economist.

As the publication reports: “On October 31st Virgin fired 13 of its cabin crew who had posted derogatory comments about safety standards and passengers on Facebook. On November 3rd, BA began investigating the behaviour of several employees who had described some passengers as “smelly” and “annoying” in Facebook postings. From a Reputation Management viewpoint (a topic I discussed at a Crisis Summit in Sydney this week), it raises three important issues: 1) Today’s corporations need a rigorous Social Media engagement policy. 2) All organisations must regularly educate staff about acceptable use of the internet. 3) Effective online monitoring systems must be engaged to alert orgs as to the conversations taking place about them, in the online space.



One thought on “Online monitoring key to avoiding Facebook PR disasters

  1. Agree re the need to formalize social media usage for employees. And they also need to use example scenarios & plain English. They also need to use multi modal delivery because most staff do not read policies & procedures on the intranet. Once staff are sacked or derogatory things said in open forums the genie is out of the bottle. The goal is to stop it happening at all.


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