NAB (again) flamed over Social Media ineptitude

While I’ve been Interstate, web designer pal David McDonald sent me this case of suspicious Social Media marketing. Surely NAB (no strangers to social media flak) couldn’t have buggered up a fresh attempt to ‘engage’ online stakeholders? Maybe it was their expert social media agents, Loaded?  I’ll investigate this in more detail later. hat tip, David. Go Cheryl Gledhill, savvy IP-sleuth-ess (read her comments!). If its a shill, this is further proof why Social Media ‘Marketing’ is a somewhat flawed premise even in spirit.

14 thoughts on “NAB (again) flamed over Social Media ineptitude

  1. Damn, the link was taken down:

    ‘Molt:n has decided to take this post down due to the resulting media shitstorm – this little blog post was blown out of proportion.’


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  4. Would love Cheryl or Scott Gledhill to explain a little better (than below) WHY they’ve taken down their post (and blocked off comments)about NAB’s flawed Soc Med blog; pls say if the story’s false (I’d hate to misrepresent NAB or their agents); or was it other commercial pressures guys; as Soc Med exponents hope you’ll clarify (no kittens pls I’m allergic to their fur!).

    (This is what Cheryl/Scott wrote on their missing blog post)
    “You’ve probably reached this page as you’ve read about the NAB social media experiment.
    Molt:n has decided to take this post down due to the resulting media shitstorm – this little blog post was blown out of proportion. Nothing to see here – how about you go and see some kittens instead?”


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  6. Roman – I was indeed a NAB employee, which I said clearly on my post.

    I had written: “Full disclosure – I have previously worked for NAB/Ubank in a contract role and know most of the staff at Ubank. Some of them are very good friends of mine, so I am not targeting Ubank as people, just the way the company has tried to manipulate their users and the complete lack of transparency in this site.”

    I was not “slamming my own work” – I was a project manager and I left long before the “My Future Bank” idea was even born.


  7. Ta Cheryl…gotta give Roman a break – how could he see what you ‘clearly said’ when you’d taken the post down?? To whit…what pressure/reason led you to taking it down and closing comments? If it’s legit, why not just let the kitten out of the bag? Gerry


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