Journalist 'mea culpa' after publishing dodgy internet data

A salient warning from a red-faced journalist, brave enough to admit he was caught out by doing what so many of us are already guilty of: believing the third party material we source from the ‘Net is bona fide. The journo asserts that “disinformation passes through the world much more easily than information. Rumour spreads more quickly than fact, lies more easily than truth.” Amen, brother.  In my Online Rep Mgmt work at engageorm-dot-com, we cover precisely this topic of how journos primarily use the Web for research (or blog fodder); yet online is a wholly unreliable source. Graeme bemoans…”the ability of the internet to obscure sources and to obfuscate the truth”. But in slamming the internet saying it…”is lowering the standard of expression and debate”; heck, Graeme what do you think tabloid media has been doing way before Tim Berners Lee had his eureka moment??

Ta for your honesty in misquoting Bill Gates and General Motors, Graeme Philipson; there but for the grace of God go I…

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