Noonan & Murphy's off-mike "political bullshit" comments

Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan join the esteemed cohort of media ‘professionals’ caught in off-mike moments, saying things they wished they hadn’t and should’ve known better about doing so (esp in a TV studio environment). This time, gun-totin’, moose-dressin’, soon-to-be-glamorous grannie, wannabe-VP of the USA Sarah Palin gets it in the neck.

2 thoughts on “Noonan & Murphy's off-mike "political bullshit" comments

  1. hillarious!
    Its a shame that it you have to be ‘off-mike’ to voice any opinion about what a bizarro choice Sarah Palin is.
    I wonder what kind of wrist slapping happened at the network after this?


  2. People seem to get comfortable in their environment, and forget to maintain professionalism while they’re public speaking. It seems obvious to us watching them at home that they should have kept their traps shut – but I still think these slip ups are completely understandable.


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