The journalist, the media adviser and the blog PR disaster

The blogvines at Digital Journal, Lulz Starts Here and Nicholas Black are ringing with the sorry tale of two media profess players, who failed to adhere to some of the fundamental tenets and courtesies of the blogosphere. Jamie Duncan a journo with Australian Associated Press and his moll Caroline Hamilton a media adviser (how media savvy though?) at Parks Victoria have been outed as vicious mudslingers and reputation assassins. Like all cowards, they hid their reputation daggers beneath a cloak of anonymity. Fools! Yet after they were identified, they tried to smackdown those who criticised them. Hypocrites!

Still gobsmacking to me that so-called media professionals could expose themselves so carelessly; and if it can happen to those in the know, how does that augur for those who are (I say this kindly) clueless? As a reminder to all, I’m harking back to Paull Young’s 6 Rules for Online Reputation Management, which I contributed to a few months back.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Be honest, transparent, ethical; don’t think you know it all; be open to new things, new points of view; disagree in a civil, constructive way.

Personality: Be original — don’t copy someone else; get your own authentic personal brand; represent your complex self online (this includes personal and professional);

Conversations Friendships — Conversation and discussion have made the blogosphere the vibrant space that is. Conversation is great, don’t get me wrong. But it can’t replace friendship. Yes, do all of these other things, but (perhaps most importantly) don’t forget to be a friend and make friends.

Learning — Go into the space with an open mind and an eagerness to learn from your peers; take advantage of the collaborative nature of the blogosphere; be active, not ani-social; make valuable contributions to the community; make mistakes and LEARN from them.

Awareness — Pause to think, listen and understand; sometimes your first reaction to something isn’t the best one; edit yourself — you can share too much; consider how others will perceive you based on what’s online !

Consciousness — Think about how you are presenting yourself online; don’t turn off your “brain-to-finger/mouth filter;” don’t be rash; realize that what you publish could be a part of your reputation forever.

 Jamie Duncan and Caroline Hamilton; part of your reputation forever.