Is Social Media a misnomer that hinders adoption by…?

With the various discussions goin’ on ’bout sluggish Web2.0 Social Media adoption, I wondered if the ‘social media’ monicker isnt an inhibitor to take-up. After all, when you have CEOs and Marketing Dirs who dont ‘get’ trad PR, then they’re hardly gonna warm to something that sounds like a gentle afternoons farkin’ around on the old faceSpace/namebook/mootube thingo.
U gotta admit, Soc Med sounds lightweight…too much like socialising dunnit?? Esp for the uninitiated…Only once you’ve proven how it helps with establishing authority, share of new media voice, stakeholder comms and research, media networking and relations, biz development, SEO and SEM etc etc, do they say “Well Ire’ll be….!!
Maybe it should be pitched as…Network Media, Peer Media, Influencer Relations.
Your suggestions (polite only pls)?

4 thoughts on “Is Social Media a misnomer that hinders adoption by…?

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  2. Good point Gerry, we need to be careful of how we pitch the concept of social media and webPR to CEOs, clients and colleagues who don’t really get it. Using language that they will understand will go a long way. I certainly don’t mean this in a way that’s patronising, but rather communicating in a way that shows the impact of social media on business.

    I’ve written about this further here.


  3. I think they get it, but they’re scared because it’s beyond their control. A Mktg Dir I interviewed yesterday said, “The problem is, you want to initiate these social conversations and communities, but then make it look like you’re not involved at all.”

    Perhaps they should all channel Houdini?


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