Giving Shel Holtz both barrels

If you share Chris Anderson of Wired magazine and Gina Trapani of Lifehacker’s annoyance with inept PRs, Shel Holtz is giving you the chance to vent on his ‘For Immediate Release’ forum. On Wednesday June 11, 2008, For Immediate Release will host a call-in community discussion on FIR Live on BlogTalk Radio, in which you can take part if you have a point of view. Members of the media database industry, PR professionals and media people will be part of an expert panel to lead debate and discussion of the issue of poor PR picthes and PR spamming. A recording of the show will be published as an FIR podcast (subscribe). Go on, vent; you’ll feel better!

2 thoughts on “Giving Shel Holtz both barrels

  1. True; but we all want better refereeing and fairer play at soccer matches but we still yell at the ref and opposition defenders dont we?? G


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