Fun and ethical; why more journos are turning to PR

Last week at the Frocomm PR summit, a Sydney journalism luminary proclaimed that 80% of PRs were rubbish, inferring not-so-subtly that PR was better off for the defection of many ex-hacks (incl himself). “Why then,” I challenged him, “do so many PR disasters seem to be created by ex-journos, eh?” (I cited Colin Gibson’s Svengate debacle and several others). The new PR saviour conceded I had a point. For good measure, I sharply reminded him that PR was about much more than media relations, too!!
In the UK’s Guardian another fence-jumper, Daniel McCrystal talks about the rise in journo defections to PR citing:
It’s not just for the money
PR is more fun than journalism
Journos are fed-up with newsroom cost-cutting
PR isn’t really as duplicitous as it’s made out to be

2 thoughts on “Fun and ethical; why more journos are turning to PR

  1. I suspect that cost-cutting is a big problem as is the focus on lifestyle and stuff much journalism is dispiriting and dek-bound these days with little time for research and thought


  2. Again true; not sure how much ‘quality thinking’ time yer average PR gets these days; the focus is mostly on the numbers isnt it?


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