Only 5% of Aussie PRs blogging?

As blogger Paul McKeon reports after seeing me present at the FroComm PR Summit in Sydney yesterday, possibly only 6 out of the 120 or so event attendees are active in the blogosphere. I teased out the reasons why in the breakout workshops, but mostly it’s:
lack of knowledge about where to start
concerns over legitimising ‘rogue’ comments
fear of being engulfed by the new workload and,
not really relevant for our kind of company.

Well, if any of these excuses apply to you, I have education courses that might make the whole thing easier to embrace.
Lee Hopkins is bound to share my perplexion when he discovers these stats!!

6 thoughts on “Only 5% of Aussie PRs blogging?

  1. You were excellent at the summit over both of the days. I was quite dissapointed when they cut you off during question time in that last panel discussion though.


  2. Thanks for compliment Hessy; yep, I agree with you that there were plenty of PRs keen to hear the journos challenged a bit more! Even on Day 1, shame there wasn’t more interactive Q&A time about Online PR disasters etc eh?


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