Are you a 'best practice' PR? Try this USC checklist

Professor Jerry Swerling of the Annenberg School for Communication at University of Southern California in one of my favourite cities – Los Angeles – (it’s as gritty as Glasgow with mucho mas ‘bling’), sent me info on his school’s study of best (US) PR practices. Look at numbers 5 and 6; it’s Digital PR and Issues Mgmt which I’ve long advocated are inextricably linked.
If you can cut-thru the jargon and buzzwords, here’re Jerry’s toplines:
1. Maintain a higher than average ratio of PR budget to gross revenue (GAP PR/GR Ratio).
2. Report directly and exclusively to the C-Suite (Chairbody Chief Exec, CEO).
3. Optimize the C-Suite’s understanding of PR’s current and potential contributions to the success of the organization as a whole.
4. Establish an effective social responsibility strategy for your organization.
5. Establish an effective digital-media strategy for your organization.
6. Establish an effective issues-management strategy for your organization.
7. Optimize integration and coordination of PR/Communications, both within the PR and Communications function, and with other organizational functions.
8. Encourage highly ethical practices across the organization, beginning with communication.
9. Encourage the organization-wide adoption of a long-term strategic point of view, beginning with communication.
10. Encourage the organization-wide adoption of a proactive mindset, beginning with communication.
11.Encourage the organization-wide adoption of a flexible mindset, beginning with communication.
12.Optimize the integration of PR and reputational considerations into top-level organizational strategies.
13.Measurably contribute to organizational success.
If you read this far and want to see the whole study, do the click thing…and click Gap V.
Thx Jerry

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