Blogger 'tossin' possums' with Buswell quokka hoax

I penned a piece recently about the WA Liberal honcho Troy Buswell’s reputational scrape over revelations that he’d inhaled warmish upholstery immediately after it was vacated by a female co-worker. Remember first off that Buswell denied it, then admitted it under media probing. His questionable authenticity/character was exacerbated when it was revealed that a ‘peckerhead’ Aussie blogger Matt Hayden had written that another skeleton from the Buswell closet involved rumours he’d been playing football using somekinda Aussie marsupial. The media grapevines tinkled with this false, rumour-mongering story; a man wot sniffs a woman’s chair is surely capable of rodent abuse, they reasoned!! Though denying it, Buswell’s ‘denial form’ made it hard for commentators to entertain the possibility.

Over in Perth, former punk-rock kindred spirit/blogger, the Boomtown Rap, says Hayden has besmirched the name of bloggers everywhere. Hayden says it was a joke (maybe the kind Jackie Kelly would ‘get’). So, does one rogue blogger (arent all we bloggers a bit rogue-ish) spoil the greater ‘blogrepute’?

On another note, Rolan (aka Boomtown rap) might agree with my sentiment that blogging is but another evolution of punk rock; the original Damned/Pistols kind, not the Good Charlotte version!

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