Staff blog creates PR disaster for Liberal Baillieu

A timely example of how internal stakeholders can use Social Media tools to create an online reputation management disaster…
Australian Liberal campaign staffers John Osborn and Simon Morgan have been sacked for running a blogsite – Ted Baillieu Must Go -disparaging their own Vic Libs leader Mr Baillieu and other Liberal MPs. With chutzpah, they ran their vitriolic campaign while paid employees of the Liberal Party, and using Lib computers and connection technologies. Shameless, eh?

While shadow treasurer Kim Wells wants to know why party headquarters did not know what was going on, there is one STARTLING bewildering fact showing a complete lack of Liberal e-savvy:
A) it’s safe to say there was little, if any, online monitoring taking place. The infamous blog was first put up late last year and not pulled down until last month, when party director Julian Sheezel discovered who was responsible. There probably wasn’t a blogging or e-comms policy in place either.

The Age also reports that Lib party investigations revealed numerous emails in which Mr Morgan and Mr Osborn disparage MPs and candidates in last year’s federal election. Simon Morgan says, in an email copied to Mr Osborn, that a then Howard government minister, Fran Bailey, is “a stupid fat bitch”. Erudite Mr Morgan, in an email to Mr Osborn, also described the federal candidate for Corio, Angelo Kakouros, as a “turd”, and on September 11 labelled him a “C*NT”.
As today’s Age newspaper reports, other Liberal politicians were also attacked on the blog: Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser was condemned as “that epitome of treachery”;
Federal backbencher Petro Georgiou was dismissed as a “waste of space”;
Victorian senator Judith Troeth was labelled “stupid”;
Louise Asher, was a “dead weight”.

Not the kind of bitchy association a Federal Campaign Manager or Campaign Researcher will want on their CVs. And they’re not currently answering media requests for interviews…

One thought on “Staff blog creates PR disaster for Liberal Baillieu

  1. As associated fallout continues, a Victorian Liberal Party state campaign manager (Susan Chandler) who wrote an email describing a party candidate as a “greedy f—ing jew” has resigned. In an email to Liberal staffer John Osborn, Ms Chandler referred to Liberal candidate Adam Held as a “greedy effing Jew” after he asked for more campaign material during last year’s federal election.


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